It’s Been A While. I’m back.

I honestly don’t know how long its been since I’ve written a blog.  Long enough to not know I guess.  Life has taken some interesting turns.  I’ve opened a business, transitioned a business, and partnered with my wife on a new community mental health clinic.

The first business, PuroClean Atlanta was an amazing journey.  PuroClean gave me the distinct opportunity to learn a completely new skill in property restoration.  Who knew I would go from negotiating large commodity contracts to cleaning a crime scene with my team.   Man, I’ve  crawled in 3 ft crawl spaces, decontaminated death scenes, restored a 30 room hotel after a sewage flood, and a ridiculous number of mold or “microbial growth” jobs.

I recently made the family decision to join my wife Susan and expand her dream of expanding  her clinic.  Absolutely the best decision ever.  I went from working 15 hours and not seeing the family to working 15 hours and seeing her all the time. Much better.   I’m still trying to work on  my hours but its an investment.  For all those who think you can build a small business from 9-5pm  I will thank you to keep those ridiculous thoughts to yourself.

So, what have a I learned after 3 years as a small business owner?  Let’s see:

  1.  It’s hard.  Very hard.  I’ve traveled the world, negotiated large contracts, founded award winning choirs, and completed a graduate degree.   Nothing compares.
  2. It’s scary.  Walking into a million dollar home and having the owner count on you to restore their completely flooded home is a daunting experience. I’ve been humbled beyond words at what I can accomplish after such a short time.
  3. Learning about business and running one are two completely different things.   I would say to any MBA, you don’t know jack until you ACTUALLY open a real business on your own.  Much respect to the University of Maryland but the MBA only got me so far.
  4. You become the business.  It’s not just this thing on the side. Until it becomes apart of your DNA, you are just playing around.
  5. Family life will pay a price. Sorry.  No getting around it.  There’s no such thing as work life balance.  There’s just “do the best you can”.  There’s no 9am-5pm.  There’s simply ” Eyes Open Till Eyes Closed”.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’m learning so much.  But I’m back on my blog vibe now.   Nice to see you.


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