42 Guns.

42 guns.  It’s been said that the Las Vegas mass shooter owned 42 guns.  Man, that sounds like a lot of guns doesn’t it?  I get the second amendment arguments (I think).  I just can’t help but ask…… why so many guns?  As a Canadian growing up Toronto perhaps I’ll never understand.


42 guns.  The second amendment speaks to a citizens right to keep and to bear arms. But, 42 guns?  Just kinda seems like a lot of guns to me.  Now you are talking to someone who has never hunted, never be in active duty, and never even been to a shooting range.  I would like to try the shooting range at some point.   Having said all that, 42 guns?

Like with most shootings, there are many perspectives including mental health, access to automatic weapons, the state of culture, and lastly the appetite of law makers to actually make changes given the heavy gun lobby influence.  This blog wont’ answer all those questions.

I only ask the question, 42 guns?  Sure seems like a lot of guns to me.  Almost terroristic.  Almost insurgent.  Almost.  Good thing he acted alone,  one more person and he would be a terrorist huh?

Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act states:


I would say we are intimidated now wouldn’t you?  The now empty Las Vegas strip can probably attest to that.



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  1. P. Samuels says:

    The need to own guns is not necessarily a need per se. Owning that amount of fire arms is like asking why one would need to have so many cars, shoes or pretty much anything Beyond a necessity. It’s a hobby..A reason to collect for enjoyment in all its favours. The question isn’t so much of the amount he had but what would someone who has no prior training, Indication of interest or affiliation with the military need to have so many guns?. Why he felt he needed half of those in his room to commit such A crime. Unless he had others with him and we either don’t know or those who are in power are aware and refuse to say anything. 10 minutes of gun fire holding an automatic rifle or multiple back to back is not only taxing on the body for a 30 year old but even more so for a 64 year old at that. My question is how did so many guns enter the building without any witnesses, how he managed to let off for 10 minutes hundreds of rounds in one of the busiest hotels in the world. I’ve held and shot AR15s, 22s, pump action and a desert eagle and trust me it’s not that easy. Just my 2 cents

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