The Tide Is Changing. The Divide Is Deep.

I’m doing something this year I’ve never done before.  It’s a simple task but it’s history is steeped in blood, tears, murder, triumph, and legislation.

I voted as an American citizen for the first time. Crazy huh?

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was the final measure that ensured the ability for people of color to participate in the continued actualization of this country.  This year it seems this gift is even more precious. The divisions have deepened.  Racism has been given the green light. Misogyny now has a front seat and disrespect for each other maintains its status quo.

Will voting change any of this?  I want to believe it helps.  I want to believe that participating in the country’s self actualization means that something will change.  It feels like this time the gap is so deep that we won’t ever get back to the old landmark.

I write this blog as I listen to radio talk about 11 Jewish people being murdered in their Synagogue today.  Now we must have thoughts and prayers for people who were giving their thoughts and prayers on behalf of others.  It’s all so crazy now.

I’m remain hopeful through my vote that my voice will be heard.  Hopefully.  Do you duty and vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.

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